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  • Seahawks Stay Perfect

    The [[Seattle Seahawks]] football team made the playoffs with a perfect 18-0 record behind the record-setting season of defensive end [[:margus-doletrain-dole | Margus "Doletrain" Dole]]. The article talks in detail about the many accomplishments he's …

  • Seattle Seahawks

    The Seattle-based [[National Football League]] franchise. Member of the NFC Far Western Division. Has been dominant in recent seasons. Notable members: [[:margus-doletrain-dole | Margus "Doletrain" Dole]], defensive end, 99.

  • National Football League

    A league for professional Canadian-American football composed of 40 teams located in various nations throughout the continent of North America. The highest level of the sport in the world. Also acts as the governing body of the sport. Allows limited …

  • Los Angeles Stars

    One of the two Los Angeles-based [[National Football League]] franchises. Member of the NFC Far Western Division. A newer team, but has drafted well and been competitive. Notable members: [[:virgil-scarnecchia | Virgil Scarnecchia]], offensive line …