Tag: Illegal


  • Fratelli Family

    A small-time family that operated out of the [[Columbia McHugh's]]. They ran a protection racket in the southern areas of Central Downtown Seattle. Recently killed off by shadowrunners. Suborganization of the [[Italian Mafia]]. Notable members …

  • Vory v Zakone

    Organized crime syndicate colloquially known as the Russian mafia. They have strong ties to Eastern Europe. Known for their atrocious and typically brazen crimes. Known suborganizations:

  • Italian Mafia

    The oldest, most entrenched, and most influential organized crime syndicate in the UCAS. Involved in virtually any type of criminal enterprise. Typically organized in families that each possess regions of influence. Known to adhere to codes of respect and …

  • Jiang-Shi

    An organization rumored to smuggle in Africa and the UCAS. Details unknown.

  • Seoulpa Rings

    A group of Korean organized crime syndicates centered around Seattle. Individual rings are small, tightly organized, and operate independently. Not a very powerful organization. Enemies of the [[Yakuza]]. Known suborganizations: [[Komun'go Ring]]

  • Red Hot Nukes

    An all-dwarf go-gang that claims the Redmond Barrens and Highway 202 as its turf. Many of their members are adepts. Renowned demolitionists who lend their skills out however it'll profit them. Have strong neo-anarchist views. Enemies of the [[Rusted …

  • Yakuza

    A ruthlessly efficient Japanese organized crime ring. Has very strong traditions of honor and respect. Are organized into families that operate with a traditional Japanese power structure. Often maintain offices out in the open. Known suborganizations: …

  • Koshari

    Known as the Native American mafia. Operates primarily out of the Pueblo Corporate Council, but has recently been increasing their activities in the Salish-Shidhe Council. Operates heavily in illicit awakened goods. Employs many shaman. Known …

  • Triads

    Historically Chinese organized crime groups. Each group is entirely decentralized from each other and maintain their own turf, rules, techniques, and enterprises. Traditionally anti-woman and anti-metahuman. Known suborganizations:

  • Ghost Cartels

    Organized crime syndicates working out of Aztlan and the various South American countries. Primarily deal in smuggling and the drug trade. Known suborganizations:

  • Zobop-Fanti Pirates

    A collaboration of pirates that operate in the ocean and seas of the Caribbean League, western Africa, and northern South America. Operate as individual crews with a non-aggression pact with each other. Typically believe in voodoo. Known …

  • Shotozumi-gumi

    The largest and most powerful [[Yakuza]] organization in Seattle. It is the group all of the other Yakuza families work for or with the blessing of. Very traditionalist in how they're run and use of honor. Rumored to be involved with


    An extremely violent gang who claims large chunks of the Redmond Barrens as their territory. The gang has been wiped out a couple of times in its history but has always managed to reform. Their members wear black and orange or cheap Halloween costumes. …