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Shadowrunner Journal 002

Good work is hard to come by...

Our friends in the darkness have been busy. There has been many plots to be unraveled, and not enough time to do such. The unorthodox group of would be Shadowrunners, seem to be falling into their lines, and finding their purpose in the growing and established company that is forming.

Their latest adventures consist of not so easy tasks, and not so easy individuals. The runners received a call from a fairly trusted associate by the name Wook about a job with another organization, and of course Wook had no clue of the details but wanted this favor by the runners. Upon calling, one individual had caused ripples with their would-be employer, by the name of “El Nino”, luckily enough WholesaleVirus managed to smooth things over, and rise up the value of the job a little. The job at hand was against someone very dangerous. This someone wasn’t just one, but an entire company, an entire Triple A Corporation, and not just any Triple A Corporation: Aztechnology. This didn’t set well with any of the runners, but it was work, and it was work that especially needed to be done.

The group fired off an assault on the truck shipping zoogari tree logs. The task was simple enough for the runners, either steal the logs, or destroy them completely. In the end, against their enemy… the group destroyed the logs in a heap of burning wood and metal. This was an expensive run for the group, though the ending left them with more information traded from Wook for the runners help, and possibilities of other natures.

Though the despite licking their wounds… work continued to flow. With the last job costing more than receiving in, the group decided they needed more work. Work that pays. Collectively, everyone started calling fixers they knew, and one came through. Dickwhistle had called Kimberly back with some work. It sounded like easy work, which made most of the group suspicious… and considering their latest luck with jobs… they had every reason to be. The job was with a sleazy, not to be trusted, but ironic named: Honest Sal. The job seemed straight forward and just a simple repo job… though it did quickly grow more and more complicated.

Through ingenious efforts on everyone’s behalf, they managed to get all the appropriate information possible to get a very scheduled meeting with the unfortunate man who fell behind in his payments, and in the long run… help very private Yak.



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