An expert Hacker and Shadowrunner.


Like every coin, there is two sides to this man. There is the hardworking, good nature, and doting father to a young six year old girl. Then the other side, is the loud mouthed, very direct and to the point hacker who is not ashamed to pull the trigger on some scum bag who wont tell him what he needs to know.

WholesaleVirus wasn’t always this way.

Starts out with an Irish family coming to Seattle to escape the dangerous IRA. Once in Seattle, the O’Donnell family started their new life. Fortunately for them, IRA did not follow them, and it allowed Hugh O’Donnell to be able to get back to work… in the criminal world.

Little Ciaran O’Donnell grew up knowing the underworld, and knowing it well. Despite being of the Irish blood, through his father’s dealings with Vory v Zakone and working for/with the organization, Ciaran developed his own connection with in the organization.

Over the many years, Ciaran grew into developing a nice understanding of technology on a very personal basis, and developed the handle “WholesaleVirus”. Over those same years, the young man had grown into quite the fine Shadowrunner, and becoming fairly popular among others. Then a botched job came his way. No Runner works in the industry long until the first person stabs him in the back. During a job, something went terribly wrong. So wrong, that only a person on the inside could of known about it. His entire crew was killed, minus him, and the person who hired them for the job not only took the money, but took the item that was being stolen leaving people to speculate on the botched job and to sully WV’s name severely. Though at the time, not a lot that he can do, but there will be revenge on the man named: {NAME}

Mark Markson

Hinto Catori “Blue Spirit”

People he may or may not want dead:
Michael Hittori
“Mr. Johnson”


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