Johnny Takanada


5’ 6" Japanese man that appears to be around 150lb. Often appears as your run of the mill street hustler in fancy clothes. Those with keen observational skills notice his nose, eyes, and ears aren’t as they should along with very slight scaring around his facial region. The skilled can also find him constantly scoping out the surroundings and sometimes muttering to himself.


A former Yakuza member as a youth, got out and became a relatively well known artist with a belief that all good ideas should explode into view. Knowing that the general public has no interest in (or would be afraid of) his hobby, Johnny Takanada delved into business in the shadows. Working with the organization and lifestyle he used to know, he started being a hired specialist for the organized crime world – maintaining strict neutrality.

It’s no secret within the underworld that if you want something blown up, J.T. is The One you want. Because everyone needs his skills, they’ve all followed the rules.. Until a new group never worked with before attempted to re-neg the deal and use J.T.’s work against him within a populated market. Knowing the subtle warning signs, he was able to get rid of toss it towards the ceiling; but not before the precision blast got far enough for back-draft to do some damage. Deaf, burned, bleeding, and mostly blind; In the confusion of the blast and panic, J.T. managed to stumble out for the doc wagon to pick him up.

Since that time, J.T. has never been able to think someone won’t have a hidden agenda, and keeping a closer eye out for trouble. After the incident, J.T. devoted most of his wealth into cybernetics (using his experience as an excuse to his socialites), relocating his home to be more secure, harder to find, and with a specialized place for him to make “art”.

The new paranoia tactic and not working solely within crime organization had been working well, that is until the Yakuza decided to make business personal. Instead of hiring J.T. to go after those that targeted them, they hired an explosive hit – overestimating J.T.‘s desire to be trapped again. J.T. was foolish enough to not request payment ahead of time, but now there’s a vendetta worth more than credits.


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