A pussy-ass bitch (leader) of a dead pussy-ass gang !


A member of the Halloweeners (Hollow-wiener). Leads a small group of gangsters.

Real Name: Richard Goose Puller (seriously!)

Known aliases: Wissard, “Dick-Cheese”( Long story, please ask Lizzy).

Height: 5’11"

Weight : 78Kg.

Description: Caucasian male, blonde hair, Black eye (right) and cybereye (left). Wears black and orange. Left half of his face is cheap ortho-skin, and left eye is a cybereye.


Stole a mask from Hampton Holistic Healthcare. Most of his gang was killed by the shadowrunners recovering the mask. The ’runners then stole his TV.

His gang of Halloweeners was wiped out by the First Nation. In an unfortunate accident, got half of his face chopped off with a hatchet by Blue. Underwent cybernetic surgery to fix that half of his face. He works for the shadowrunners in their warehouse.


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