Elizabeth Langley Nakimora (Lizzy)

Sub. lieutenant to the Clerk of Police Archives (Not a fun job)


Human Female

5 ft 6in (167.5 CM)

Green hair (Long)

Dark red eyes

Measurments: 38, 29, 32

Vision 20/35 (not terrible)


Elizabeth has the most upstanding worker for police archives. she grew up in Seattle and was saved from her crack house whore of a mother’s. After 15 years of a good collage education and upbringing landed up with a great living and life style.

She has borderline obsessive compulsion to be clean and neat in almost every aspect of her life, she lives in a very clean apartment, has had schooling in culinary and a plethora of crafting/ hobbies. She has several bachelors degrees in communications, Linguistics, Basic psychology/sociology and a few not yet known. She also is a proficient in Jujitsu, Muay Tai, and sword and knife fighting.

She does have a few dark secrets. (that no one knows unless told)

To describe what i mean she is a Super Slut!!!!!!! She rides trains from Engine to Caboose jumping into and out of cars 2 or 3 at a time. She was a Slut that was thrown into a pit of sluts and was the only one to come out alive

Elizabeth Langley Nakimora (Lizzy)

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