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  • Shadowrunner Journal

    The day started like none other. Everyone doing there own thing, and waiting for work. Not just any work, but the work of the... illegal nature. [[:johnny-takanada | J.T.]] got the call for the nights job. A strange man naming himself just simply, "Mr. …

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    A collaborative resource for information on what's happening to us and around Seattle, and what we think about all that. [[Main Page]]

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    If there are any conflicts in information linked to or in books, local beats national, so anything said in our game or on this this Wiki takes priority. [[News Stories]] [[Locations]] [[Stuff]] [[Companies]] [[Organizations]]

    UCAS Business Journal

    A newspaper published four days a week with a strong focus on business and financial news. Has heavy use of internal think tanks to maintain impartiality except in editorials. Owned by the Horizon

  • News Stories

    February 2071: [[Majors Hired By Aztechnology]] [[Gang Violence Hits Historic Highs]] [[Hero Cop Narrowly Survives Encounters With Shadowrunners]] [[Downtown Shootout Gives No Answers]] January 2071: [[Financial Scandal Shakes Governor …

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    h3. Welcome to your wiki! This is your wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for your wiki. From here you can begin organizing your campaign! To get you started, here are some examples of what you can do with the wiki. To see how these …

  • K Line Continues To Expand

    An article discussing how [[K Line]] has managed to compete in the market that's been saturated with [[Cartwright Cartage and Freight Inc]], [[Wuxing Worldwide Deliveries]], and [[Swift Wind Deliveries]]. It points to the company's incredible reliability …

  • Locations

    [[Columbia McHugh's]] [[Glow City]] [[Hampton Holistic Healthcare]] [[Hittori Pawn]] [[Lucas Palace Magnolia Bluff]] [[West Road Clinic]] [[Zen Healing]]

  • Hampton Holistic Healthcare

    A holistic medicine shop that caters to every definition of "alternative healing." The place looks like a shaman's tent exploded inside. Located in the south end of the International District in Downtown Seattle. Recently no longer under the protection …

  • Fratelli Family

    A small-time family that operated out of the [[Columbia McHugh's]]. They ran a protection racket in the southern areas of Central Downtown Seattle. Recently killed off by shadowrunners. Suborganization of the [[Italian Mafia]]. Notable members …

  • Slaughter At Fast Food Restaurant

    Five found dead at the [[Columbia McHugh's]]. Witnesses reported that three individuals entered the restaurant, approached the now-deceased [[:vic-fratelli | Vic Fratelli]], and a firefight broke out. Many versions of the story blame it on the organized …

  • African Imports Bad For Locals

    A thought piece discussing how local African villages are suffering in slavish conditions under the capitalism of Western Nations using them for their exports. Goes into detail about the plight of a specific man who never gets to see his family because of …

  • goji tree

    An uncommon tree from Africa. It's popularity as a shamanic healing tool is related to its resemblance to the [[zoogari tree]].

  • Brutal Yoga Shop Killing

    The owner of [[Zen Healing]] was found dead in her store with her body nailed to a wooden pole. Painted on the floor in Russian was the phrase, "We got our tree." Experts report the woman's corpse was posed in the traditional Yoga stance known as

  • Zen Healing

    A yoga studio and holistic healing shop located in the south end of the International District in Downtown Seattle just a few blocks away from [[Hampton Holistic Healthcare | Hampton Holistic Healthcare]]. Site of the [[Brutal Yoga Shop Killing | …

  • Companies

    Energy: [[Shiawase Atomics | Shiawase Atomics]] [[Thomas Lake Mining and Oil]] Financial: [[Brackhaven Investments | Brackhaven Investments]] Healthcare: [[DocWagon]] [[Hampton Holistic Healthcare | Hampton Holistic Healthcare]] [[New Life …

  • clonal organs

    Clonal organs are organs cloned for an individual using their own genetic material. Organ sales are legal so long as they do not come from an unwilling sentient being.

  • Organizations

    Gangs: [[First Nation]] [[Halloweeners]] [[Red Hot Nukes]] [[Rusted Stilettos]] Governmental: Corporate Court [[Grid Overwatch Division]] Organized Crime: [[Ghost Cartels]] [[ …

  • Vory v Zakone

    Organized crime syndicate colloquially known as the Russian mafia. They have strong ties to Eastern Europe. Known for their atrocious and typically brazen crimes. Known suborganizations:

  • Seahawks Stay Perfect

    The [[Seattle Seahawks]] football team made the playoffs with a perfect 18-0 record behind the record-setting season of defensive end [[:margus-doletrain-dole | Margus "Doletrain" Dole]]. The article talks in detail about the many accomplishments he's …

  • Ork Rights Commission

    A grassroots metahuman-rights organization devoted to the cause of orks. Works for equality for all metahumans, but has been criticized for its focus on orks over other races. Notable members: [[:margus-doletrain-dole | Margus "Doletrain" Dole]], …

  • Seattle Seahawks

    The Seattle-based [[National Football League]] franchise. Member of the NFC Far Western Division. Has been dominant in recent seasons. Notable members: [[:margus-doletrain-dole | Margus "Doletrain" Dole]], defensive end, 99.

  • National Football League

    A league for professional Canadian-American football composed of 40 teams located in various nations throughout the continent of North America. The highest level of the sport in the world. Also acts as the governing body of the sport. Allows limited …

  • Knight Errant Security Services

    A well-renown private security company. Widely hired by affluent individuals and companies. Has limited patrol duties in some wealthier areas of Downtown Seattle and Bellevue. The company is the pet project of Ares CEO


    A Seattle-based news network that covers world events. Has a reputation for breaking huge stories and being the first network to cover major events. Was bequeathed something in [[Dunkelzahn's Will]]. Independently owned.

  • DocWagon

    Emergency medical services company that pioneered armed ambulance service and health monitoring. Offers tiers of emergency healthcare to Seattle Metroplex based on insurance. Independently owned AA corporation.

  • Italian Mafia

    The oldest, most entrenched, and most influential organized crime syndicate in the UCAS. Involved in virtually any type of criminal enterprise. Typically organized in families that each possess regions of influence. Known to adhere to codes of respect and …

  • Los Angeles Stars

    One of the two Los Angeles-based [[National Football League]] franchises. Member of the NFC Far Western Division. A newer team, but has drafted well and been competitive. Notable members: [[:virgil-scarnecchia | Virgil Scarnecchia]], offensive line …

  • West Road Clinic

    A clinic located in the Issaquath area of the district of Renton. The clinic has a reputation for treating athletes with dubious and sometimes illegal compounds. Notable patients: [[:margus-doletrain-dole | Margus "Doletrain" Dole]]

  • Rivercrest Apartments

    A real estate company that owns a few residential rental properties in Bellevue. Known for operating excellent buildings and being relatively good landlords. Under the umbrella of companies operated by the


    An organization rumored to smuggle in Africa and the UCAS. Details unknown.

  • Seoulpa Rings

    A group of Korean organized crime syndicates centered around Seattle. Individual rings are small, tightly organized, and operate independently. Not a very powerful organization. Enemies of the [[Yakuza]]. Known suborganizations: [[Komun'go Ring]]

  • Red Hot Nukes

    An all-dwarf go-gang that claims the Redmond Barrens and Highway 202 as its turf. Many of their members are adepts. Renowned demolitionists who lend their skills out however it'll profit them. Have strong neo-anarchist views. Enemies of the [[Rusted …

  • Glow City

    The colloquial name for the part of the Redmond, Seattle, and Beaver Lake irradiated by the Trojan-Satsop nuclear plant meltdown. Now the location of the [[Shiawase Atomics]] nuclear plant. Home to thousands of squatters, despite the mutations, high …

  • Shiawase Atomics

    An energy company based out of Washington FDC, UCAS. Runs the nuclear power plant located in the [[Glow City]] area of Redmond, Seattle, that provides power to the metroplex. A primary division of the


    A ruthlessly efficient Japanese organized crime ring. Has very strong traditions of honor and respect. Are organized into families that operate with a traditional Japanese power structure. Often maintain offices out in the open. Known suborganizations: …

  • Koshari

    Known as the Native American mafia. Operates primarily out of the Pueblo Corporate Council, but has recently been increasing their activities in the Salish-Shidhe Council. Operates heavily in illicit awakened goods. Employs many shaman. Known …

  • Triads

    Historically Chinese organized crime groups. Each group is entirely decentralized from each other and maintain their own turf, rules, techniques, and enterprises. Traditionally anti-woman and anti-metahuman. Known suborganizations:

  • Ghost Cartels

    Organized crime syndicates working out of Aztlan and the various South American countries. Primarily deal in smuggling and the drug trade. Known suborganizations:

  • Zobop-Fanti Pirates

    A collaboration of pirates that operate in the ocean and seas of the Caribbean League, western Africa, and northern South America. Operate as individual crews with a non-aggression pact with each other. Typically believe in voodoo. Known …

  • Region Concerned About Brackhaven Regime

    The story discusses the political tensions that could arise from the election of [[:governor-kenneth-brackhaven | Kenneth Brackhaven]]. The primary focus is on Brackhaven's professed desire for "security and stability" and how that will increase tensions …

  • Brackhaven Investments

    A single-A investment company not technically run by [[:governor-kenneth-brackhaven | Governor Kenneth Brackhaven]], but he is involved in its day-to-day operation. Seen as something of a scavenger, buying distressed investments and flipping them. Owns a …

  • Republican Party

    One of the major political parties. Their candidates' major issues tend to surround a pro-business agenda. They favor tax cuts for big businesses and the wealthy and increased security. Often criticized for increasing wealth stratification and …

  • Democratic Party

    A major political party. Candidates' issues generally focus on helping the disenfranchised. Their major platforms typically revolve around supporting companies that cater to people's needs and promoting equality. Often criticized for attempting to …

  • Humanis Policlub

    A human supremacist organization known primarily for being anti-metahuman. They are also anti-Awakened and anti-Amerind. They wear pointed white hoods to pay homage to the Ku Klux Klan. They are very wealthy and widespead across the UCAS and CAS. In …

  • Archconservative Party

    A significant political party on the international stage. Takes the [[Republican Party | Republican]] platform to its extreme and does away with pretense. The party is radical in its support of big businesses and exploitation of the poor. Has a strong …

  • Chalmers Threatens Brackhaven

    [[:libby-chalmers | Libby Chalmers]], the director of the Seattle branch of the [[Empowerment Coalition]], issued a threatening statement to [[:governor-kenneth-brackhaven | Governor Kenneth Brackhaven]]. In a speech just days before the governor's …

  • Empowerment Coalition

    A relatively new but expansive civil rights lobby and policlub. Was originally founded as a women's right group, but after the creation of the [[John Timmons Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Equality | John Timmons Memorial Foundation]], the …

  • Mothers of Metahumans

    One of the earliest metahuman rights organizations. Was originally founded as a charity to aid parents of metahuman children, but grew into a policlub to help lobby against the [[Humanis Policlub | Humanis Policlub]]. Notable members: [[:libby- …

  • Lucas Palace Magnolia Bluff

    The flagship of the Lucas hotel chain. Deluxe accommodations along with a very discrete staff. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/311857/hotelfloorplannumd.jpg?1396129103(hotelfloorplannumd.jpg)!

  • Hittori Pawn

    A pawn shop located on the outskirts of Downtown Seattle. Run by an elderly Japanese man always looking to make a deal. Bought a stolen Awakened mask from [[Halloweeners]] which was then reacquired by shadowrunners at gunpoint. Independently owned …

  • Brackhaavens ELF mistress MUST SEE

    An ad-banner-heavy "story" about [[:governor-kenneth-brackhaven | Governor Kenneth Brackhaven]] supposedly meeting with an elven mistress on the night of his inauguration. It includes several blurry photographs that depict an Asian woman in the lobby of …

  • WhatsUpNewz

    A gossip newsnet. Known for reporting stories while possessing little to no supporting evidence on unimportant matters, typically celebrities. Incredibly popular among the general population but widely criticized by the industry and intellectuals. …

  • Downtown Shootout Gives No Answers

    A deadly shootout outside of a stripmall in Downtown Seattle leaves no dead. Witnesses report a large group of gunmen attacking security officers [[Hittori Pawn | Hittori Pawn]]. No bodies were found at the scene. The identities of the perpetrators and …

  • Shotozumi-gumi

    The largest and most powerful [[Yakuza]] organization in Seattle. It is the group all of the other Yakuza families work for or with the blessing of. Very traditionalist in how they're run and use of honor. Rumored to be involved with


    A slang term to refer to Meta-humans (i.e. Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Trolls)

  • Nad-Ballin a Mac

    A Figure of speech for Shooting an explosive into the cab of a Mac truck to disable it.

  • Riding the train

    A figure of speech to describe someone engaging in a "gang-bang" type event were one person engages in sexual activity with multiple partners (term used loosely) one after the other in a sequential order.

  • Halloweeners

    An extremely violent gang who claims large chunks of the Redmond Barrens as their territory. The gang has been wiped out a couple of times in its history but has always managed to reform. Their members wear black and orange or cheap Halloween costumes. …

  • Gang Violence Hits Historic Highs

    The first two weeks of the month of February have hit seasonal highs in the number of violent crimes reported in Redmond. Previous highs have always occurred during periods of gang wars. [[Lone Star Security Services | Lone Star]] warns against people …

  • J.T.

    A former Yakuza member as a youth, got out and became a relatively well known artist with a belief that all good ideas should explode into view. Knowing that the general public has no interest in (or would be afraid of) his hobby, Johnny Takanada delved …

  • Moxie Hampton

    Was kidnapped by the [[Fratelli Family | Fratelli Family]] as leverage against her father and rescued by shadowrunners.

  • George Hampton

    Hired a group of shadowrunners to rescue his daughter from the [[Fratelli Family | Fratelli Family]] to whom he had fallen behind in protection payments to. Hired shadowrunners again to return his [[zoogari tree | zoogari tree]] that was mistakenly …

  • Margus "Doletrain" Dole

    Was suspended prior to a playoff loss against the [[Los Angeles Stars | Los Angeles Stars]] pending an investigation when evidence was discovered that he was a patient of the [[West Road Clinic | West Road Clinic]] and was using an illegal bioware- …

  • Virgil Scarnecchia

    Before a playoff game between the [[Los Angeles Stars | Stars]] and [[Seattle Seahawks | Seahawks]], hired shadowruns to plant information in the [[West Road Clinic]] and the apartment of [[:margus-doletrain-dole | Margus "Doletrain" Dole]].

  • Romeo

    The person [[:george-hampton | George Hampton]] said smuggled in his [[zoogari tree | zoogari tree]] but mistakenly delivered it to [[Zen Healing | Zen Healing]]. Revealed to be the supplier of an Awakened mask.

  • Horsedick

    Showed up naked for a meeting with [[:wook | Wook]] of the [[Komun'go Ring]]. Was promptly blown up by shadowrunners using a dirty bomb.

  • Wook

    Went with a couple shadowrunners to meet [[:horsedick | Horsedick]] of the [[Rusted Stilettos]]. Provided the necessary information and supplies to blow up the aforementioned gang members when negotiations went poorly.

  • Julius Strouthers

    Before becoming a politician, he was an independent consultant to a large number of corporations, with a strong focus on energy companies. Was briefly the COO of [[Thomas Lake Mining and Oil]].

  • Libby Chalmers

    Publicly told presidential candidate [[:governor-kenneth-brackhaven | Kenneth Brackhaven]] to "Fuck off," when he warned her that the Empowerment Coalition wasn't welcome in Seattle.

  • WholesaleVirus

    Like every coin, there is two sides to this man. There is the hardworking, good nature, and doting father to a young six year old girl. Then the other side, is the loud mouthed, very direct and to the point hacker who is not ashamed to pull the trigger on …

  • Wissard

    Stole a mask from [[Hampton Holistic Healthcare | Hampton Holistic Healthcare]]. Most of his gang was killed by the shadowrunners recovering the mask. The 'runners then stole his TV. His gang of Halloweeners was wiped out by the [[First Nation | First …

  • Elizabeth Langley Nakimora (Lizzy)

    Elizabeth has the most upstanding worker for police archives. she grew up in Seattle and was saved from her crack house whore of a mother's. After 15 years of a good collage education and upbringing landed up with a great living and life style. She …

  • Bulldog

    Hired shadowrunners to break into [[:governor-kenneth-brackhaven | Governor Kenneth Brackhaven]]'s hotel room and steal information.

  • Draylen Torn'Doc

    Draylen is 7'8" and a Hacker of extreme caliber. She operates out of a computer repair shop that specializes in fixing corporate servers.

  • Bill Majors

    Got hired by Aztechnology shortly after [[Hero Cop Narrowly Survives Encounters With Shadowrunners | getting shot in the chest]].

  • Anna Knapp

    Broke [[Hero Cop Narrowly Survives Encounters With Shadowrunners | a notable story]] just an hour after it happened.

  • Flexes

    Used to work security for [[:honest-sal | Honest Sal]] as security. Was hired by shadowrunners to guard their warehouse.