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Shadowrunner Journal 001

A Yakuza Plot

The day started like none other. Everyone doing there own thing, and waiting for work. Not just any work, but the work of the… illegal nature. J.T. got the call for the nights job. A strange man naming himself just simply, “Mr. Johnson” was on the line. That type of name is not uncommon considering the line of work. Everyone wants to keep hidden, and not let on to anyone who they really are. People have families to protect, people have themselves to protect, and lastly people have their riches to protect. All very important. J.T. took the job, and needed to put a crew together. J.T. had a regular group of guys that he had been running with lately, but whichever reason were not available, so the man had to dip into the bottom the barrel and reach out to a guy he wasn’t overly eager to work with… a man with a distrusted rep… a disastrous rep to put it more appropriately… the hacker WholesaleVirus. This man was in need of work. His own desire for money true to heart. Since getting burned, he had been trying to dig himself out of his hole and get his name cleared for what it once was. Losing everything, and his big retiring payday was devastating, so when J.T. called with work… it was simply a yes. Hinto Catori “Blue Spirit” was naturally in, the new found roommate to the Irish hacker, and with a quick call to Doc, that made a team of four, and Doc was bringing someone he knew to play the role of their fifth, and that someone was a troll by the name Brom… who was promptly nicknamed; Tri-Pod.

The meeting with Mr. Johnson was what it was expected it to be… a bunch of cloak and daggers shit. It was a simple job, too simple for the likes of WholesaleVirus. He was suspicious from the start, and knew something was amiss. Like… a bomb was in place. But everyone dismissed his claims, but the suspicion got the price paid to 22,000 nyuen for the job. A nice little chunk of change to be said. The meeting ended, and the crew moved off to their job which was right there in the warehouse district.

They made their trek to the warehouse which held the crate of suspect, and upon investigation of the warehouse they figured out their best route into the building and made action. The five worked well as a team and infiltrated the warehouse. The guards in the warehouse were taken out in a quick and organized fashion, and there was their goal. A large wooden crate to be delivered to the Mr. Johnson for their payment. Except there was a hick-up in the plan, a very large hick-up. The crate… was indeed a bomb. Designed to take out the one and only J.T. Needless to say, WholesaleVirus didn’t hesitate to express the importance of his being right about the crate. Once the crate was detonated, a Yakuza assault team started moving in on them.

The job was a bust. There was no pay. There was blood shed. Now there was revenge on the minds of the survivors.



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